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Echo X Series

eFORCE® DSRM-2600 Trimmer

eFORCE® DSRM-2600 Trimmer

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17 in. Battery Powered Straight Shaft String Trimmer

The quiet and convenience of batteries, but with the power of ECHO. The DSRM-2600 straight-shaft string trimmer, powered by the eFORCE® 56V battery system, meets the demands of professional workdays. With MAXOUT™ technology, it provides 100% power output down to 0% battery charge.

  • Three speed settings for ultimate power control
  • Increased torque for superior cutting performance
  • Powerful brushless motor

•    DSRM-2600BT - Bare Tool
•    DSRM-2600C2 - Includes 5.0Ah Battery & Standard Charger
•    DSRM-2600R2 - Includes 5.0Ah Battery & Rapid Charger

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